Episode 14: A Time to Thrill – Conversation with Aime Austin – featuring Lisa Hughey

July 01, 2021 01:24:57
Episode 14: A Time to Thrill – Conversation with Aime Austin – featuring Lisa Hughey
A Time to Thrill - Conversation with Aime Austin Crime Fiction Author
Episode 14: A Time to Thrill – Conversation with Aime Austin – featuring Lisa Hughey

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Aime Austin

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In this episode, I have a wonderful chat with USA Today Bestselling author, Lisa Hughey. We talk about life in California, Massachusettes, contemporary romance, and romantic suspense. Lisa thinks romances give readers hope for the future. (about 38:00) Love isn’t about finding someone who is not perfect, but perfect for you. (about 1:17:50) Also, Lisa talks about reading story as a validation that the choices one has made have put them on the right path.

OMG I’m having a FANGIRL moment. Lisa has a book coming out today that wasn’t mentioned on the podcast. It’s called Speakeasy and it’s in Sarina Bowen’s world. I think Sarina is one of the best working romance authors out there. Be sure to 1Click Lisa’s installment today!!!

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Show Notes:
The Perfect Storm
Nancy Warren (my interview with Nancy)
Tameri Etherton
Genetic Memory
Black Cipher Files
Becca Syme
2k to 10k: Writing Faster, Writing Better, and Writing More of What You Love
Jenny Gardiner (bike tour aficionado and soon to be guest)
The Teenage Brain
Cora Seton
The Human Genome Project
Theodora Taylor (upcoming interview because EVERYONE loves Theodora)
Save the Cat Writes a Novel
Jenn LeBlanc (Queen of Studio Smexy)
Wandering Minds

Freedom Trail
Mike’s Pastry (go for the cannoli)

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